The first step to hiring a Domestic skip, is knowing what size can fit all your waste. In order to make this task easy and the most cost effective you need to make sure you don’t order too small of a skip and then ending up having to pay for another skip making it more expensive. Domestic skips come in quite a few different sizes and can vary from skip company to skip company. To make this easy we usually say to our domestic customers “we provide 3 sizes” small (4 yard) medium (6 yard) and a large (8 yard) we do supply bigger domestic and commercial skip sizes but most domestic customers order either a 4, 6 or 8 yard skip with 8 yard being the most popular.

Below are the measurements of our skips. Using bin bags as a metric is a great way to understand how big of a skip you need for your project. To make it easy to understand how much a 4 yard skip can contain, we say it can take roughly about 30 to 40 bin bags.

Whether its a domestic or commercial skip you are in need of and are at a pickle as to what size is best for your needs, call our friendly team on 0114 303 1310 to help you out.

4 Yard skip

4 Yard Skip

4 yard Skips normally known as “midi Skips”are a great size alternative to the 2 yard. They hold around 30-40 bin bags

6 Yard skip

6 Yard Skip

6 yard Skips are referred to “Builders Skips” and hold around 50–60 bin bags. There are great for hardcore waste

8 Yard skip

8 Yard Skip

8 yard Skips are the most popular by far. They are referred to as “Builders Skips” and great for hardcore waste and hold around 60-80 bin bag of waste.